Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Favourite Class Blog

We LOVE Room 3's class blog! It is cool to read and has lots of information about their learning! We vote this as our favourite blog.
Room 14

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jake's Mum

Dear Room 14 did you think that Jakes mum is cool I did. She competed in a sail around the world yacht race.
From Lucy Green

Jake's MUM

Yesterday jakes Mum take by denver

Dilpreet MOTAT

Last week we went to Motat we saw lots of interesting stuff
like old trains and phones (telephone ) me and my friends went to the mirror
maze. Me and Ella were together and I got lost in there because it was so hard to find my way out in there!
I got hit on the mirror when I had to find my way out...but then I found my way out!

Jakes mum.

Dear Jakes Mum,

Thank you for teaching us interesting facts and some laughter and thanks for all you did. Thank you for showing us the DVD - it was fun and cool.

Love from yazmin

My mum's sailing around the world talk

Yesterday my mum came into school to talk about the sailing around the world race. She showed us the clothes she used to wear in the southern ocean. She also showed us a few videos from the race. By Jake

Motat By Angelina Ung

Last Wednesday our class went on a trip called Motat!!!!. In Motat it has Motat 1!! and Motat 2!!
we always land in Motat 1 cause we don't want to miss Motat 1 so we went to Motat 1.In my group i had Mr Pita ,Ella Pita,Angelina Ung,terry Xi, Denver Stutt and Mrs Rivett.It is so amazing and i love going to that trtip!!!!Called Motat! hope you go to Motat have a look hope you enjoy waching!!!!

By Angelina Ung